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Fetishes: Freaky or Sensual

Hello everyone!
It has been a while since it was my turn and I swear every time it is my turn I never have a clue what to write about. LOL This time the topic popped into my head after a friend told me how this guy propositioned her.
My topic, Fetishes: Freaky or Sensual is relevant in the world of romance. I mean, honestly, how many fetishes are out there do we see in romances and how many turn us on or off? Well, I decided to explore that for a bit. Now, I’m not going to get into who likes what or what I like (never that!) I’m just going to play devil’s advocate and speak like a fly on the wall. :-)
I decided to look into fetishes that men have because, well, I like men and the more I can learn about them the better my characters get. (*shrugs* that’s my line of thing anyway) When I started to look into fetishes I asked around and found that people can have a fetish about anything! Shoes, stockings, nails, hair, body parts from the top of your head to the soles of your feet! So I wondered how does one ‘get’ a fetish? I asked around about that, too, and found the answers made me go ‘hmm, I can see that’ and some made me go, ‘oookaaay, I’ll give that a nine on my strange-o-meter’ and there was even a few that I had to add to my, ‘damn!‘ list.
Some of the reasons were sexually based. Young boys coming into their sexuality find themselves in compromising positions with different objects as they peek in on the women they are transfixed on at the time. When they reach the goal they were trying to achieve (work with me here, I’m trying to keep this clean and politically correct.) said object becomes synonymous to that good feeling. If the behavior continues so does the connection. Over time the object in question makes you horny (can I say that?) because it reminds you of the good feeling and you’ve got yourself a fetish. Ta da!
For example: one guy told me with such lust in his voice and eyes about how he absolutely loved high heels on his women. He was in the closet when his sisters friend spent the night and his, umm, appendage, (that’s a good word) was pressed against the shoes she had worn to a party as he, well, pleasured himself. He could feel the shoe, but didn’t want to draw attention to himself by moving around so he left it. As an adult he makes sure his women wore shoes in bed with him because it takes him back to those good feelings.
Another guy said the very first time he was with a woman as he, uhh, reached climax, he could feel her nails raking down his back so hard he could feel blood as he lay on her catching his breath. Yet, even though it was painful, it felt good to him and he is turned on by women with long nails.
You may find these to be a little weird or freaky or maybe sensual. I don’t know. This is not psych 101 by the hands of Dana Littlejohn, by no means. This info came first hand from talking to several, close to fifty men over the age of 30. ( I told them it was a survey for school, sexual psychology or something. LOL) So with this new nothing I came to the conclusion that…men are strange! Kidding! Seriously, fetishes can derive from anything and whether they are freaky or sensual depends on your taste.
I also decided that the passion that some men spoke of their fetishes led me to do a story on one. So this December coming from Phaze is my fetish story, Happy Feet. Be sure to check it out! Until next time…Dana has left the building!
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Been gone for awhile, I'm baaaack!

Hello anyone who is listening.
This summer was a little rough for me. I had some serious offline life changes that took me in a little tailspin, but that God I am on the road to recovery. Anyway, my nuse took a hit as well, but it is flowing again and I am back at my computer.

I am hard at work on several stories, it just depends on which way my mind turns that day. Here's a peek at them:
Ming Bling is an I/R, BW/AM It's about what the wife does when she feels like her husband doesn't find her attractive anymore.
Book 1 in my cop series, Bad Boys, I/R, HW/BM, called Shooters Secret. Its a shifter romance about a cop who saves a woman and finds it was always his destiny to be with her.
What a ride! I/R, BW/HM, about the amazing things that can happen when you are commuting from New York to Connecticut.

My next release is in December. It is called Happy Feet. Look for it at Phaze. Here's the blurb.
Kerri felt like Cinderella as her birthday arrived and a pair of shoes sat waiting at her door, but she had no Prince Charming to speak of. She had planned to thank her friend for the gift, but later found she did have a Prince waiting in the wings. And, not only did he want to slide the shoe onto her foot to see if it fit, he had plans to do so many other wonderful things to her feet.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just in time for Summer!

Surge and Raine: A Merman's Tale
(twisted fairy tale)
Author: Dana Littlejohn
Genre: Interracial, fantasy, Romance
Length: short story

Author Blurb/Description: The time has come for Riptide, the son of Poseidon, to step down and his son, Surge to rule the oceans and the seven seas. Before going back into seclusion Poseidon left one rule for his son and his people to follow: stay away from the surface and leave the humans alone. Even as a young merman Surge found that rule difficult to keep. On one of his frequent trips to the surface he meets the lovely Raine Foster and falls in love. One day he went to see her and she tells him she is in danger and must leave. Surge now has to go to the only who can help him get to the surface to save his love. Will Poseidon give Surge what he needs to save a human once he’s confessed all he’s done?

The Review: Surge and Raine is an adult tale with a romantic twist. Dana Littlejohn fashioned a sweet story with her fantasy world.


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Please welcome author Denyse` Bridger to my house!

Things sensual and romantic….

Italy… Sensuality… Food… Romance – if you think about it, they’re all the same in many respects, aren’t they? Each resonates within us on some level…. They appear to go together, don’t they? And, in truth, I suppose they do. You seldom have one without the other close to the heart. But, what is sensual, and what isn’t? Depends on where you are in this world and what you’re doing.
So, I thought maybe we’d chat about what people term “sensual foods” and see where that takes us! Hey, we all eat, don’t we? So, is it the food that is the magic, or is it the company we share while we go through this necessary to life exercise every day? Repeatedly.
A lot of foods are labelled as being “aphrodisiac” in nature. How can foods be “love potions” some people wonder? And why do they have such potent response in some, while others feel nothing when these exotic delights are consumed? Think maybe it’s the company and the psychological excitement that might make them wildly exciting for some and totally empty of reaction in others?
In countries like Italy, food is not just something to be eaten so we can get on with life. It’s an art, a social occasion, and an experience to be shared. It’s a well-accepted fact that the people of this amazing country have a zest for life that many of us envy, and their passion for “la dolce vita” is something we can probably all learn from. But, food and festival in Italy is a way of life – if you have any doubts, just look around and see the number of feast and festival days in any year!
We associate this country, in fact all things Italian, with romance. So much of the attitude is sensual and passionate, and very romantic. An entire culture that is built on the foundation that life is to be embraced and enjoyed, that romance is most important thing in the world, and the richness of life is to be shared by all. I don’t know about you, but I find that very sexy, very compelling, and very, very alluring…
If your dinner is one on one, chances are it’s a special occasion. Do you actually notice what you eat, or are you feeding off the company you’re in, and sawdust would taste good at that moment? Is it the music, always beautiful and classically romantic, is the gorgeous countryside, or is it really the food that makes the whole thing such a sensory delight?
And why is this “passion” so different for all of us? Not hard to see where my heart lies in all this, but what do YOU find sensual in the foods you eat the dreams you keep close to your heart? I’d love to know!! I write in more genres than I can count, and my books reflect eclectic tastes in all things, so if you’re interested in finding out more, please drop by my website and check out some titles…. If you want to read my very first book set in Italy, Rome to be precise, it’s currently on sale at the steal price of 99¢ - it’s a sweet, sensual, lyrical romance inspired by the song of the same name, and you can get it here:


Today, my thanks to Dana for having me here as her guest, and I’m looking forward to talking with you!!

Denysé Bridger
Amore Senza Confini:
Acquisitions Manager, Editor-in-Chief, Author Liaison

Absolute XPress, Romance Division

Sensual Treats Magazine:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 great reviews for Cairo!

Cairo Ivory is a beautiful woman with a flair for dating the wrong men. The last mishap was two years ago, and large enough to sink the Titanic. Cairo changes her focus to only encompass her career as an attorney. And while that redirected energy has helped her gain a spectacular record of wins it didn’t warm Cairo’s bed. After years of working divorce cases, Cairo has decided that a relationship really isn’t worth the trouble until she meets Jose. Sex, lies, and crazy ex-wives seem to be lurking around every corner.
Will Jose be able to vanquish Cairo’s attitude in regards to marriage? With the rising of the sun comes the possibility for a new beginning.
Dana Littlejohn is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. The Sun Rose Over Cairo is a story about love and healing. Jose was in an abusive marriage with a wigged-out wife. He had to learn the hard way that “I do” can just be the means to an end for some people. Jose is handsome and shy with a body to make you weep for joy. Top that off with brains and no woman stands a chance of escaping his natural allure and charms. Cairo is blessed to have a friend who recognizes her needs and won’t let her caution distract her from getting to know Jose. I believe in her heart she really wanted someone she could love and feel safe with, but the characters from her past dampened her resolve to fight for the “happily ever after”. This book has more twists than a rollercoaster ride. You don’t just get sex that can pop your toenails off. You gain a bit of suspense, humor, and the opportunity to watch karma in action. I’m only hoping that Ms. Littlejohn will bring back some of the other characters for their own novels. If you like romance with a twist, you won’t be disappointed with The Sun Rose Over Cairo.
Reviewed by: NeNe

Simply Romance Grade: A
The Sun Rose Over Cairo was a novel that made you think that this could so happen to someone in real life. Ms. Littlejohn's characters could have easily been any group of friends and the hilarious things they go through on a daily basis. I can really relate to knowing someone nicknamed "Pumkin" that has a first name that makes most people say, "Huh?" The gradual romance between Jose and Cairo started out as friends and then progressed to lovers who I thought would stand the test of marriage and become one of the "Old Marriages" that lasted "until death do us part." I so enjoyed the characters in this book that I hope to see what happens to the other women in their quest to find Mr. Right. ~Reviewed by Shira

get yours here: Amira Press

Dana posted at Virtual Romance Blog!

Go on over to Virtual Romance Blog and see my blog on how I set the mood for my writing. It will give you a sneek peek into my life and how I write. While you're there read some other really good blogs by some really great autors.

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The House has a cover!

The House
coming to
Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid
May, 2009

Diamond Jones grew up to be a smart, beautiful, shy teacher in Atlanta, Ga. Her luck hasn’t been the greatest when it came to the opposite sex and dates are far and few between. Her best friend Tia read somewhere that women in their thirties are reaching their sexual peak. She has made it her goal to broaden Diamond's sexual horizons so that by the time she’s in her thirties she‘ll be one of those women. When Tia comes home to visit her friend for the weekend they meet two older women at the spa who inadvertently change their lives when they invite them to a party at a very unusual house.